Last Day as a 6

Seems like he's been six forever.  Time usually whizzes by when you're bringing up little ones, but this past year has seemed to go a bit slower than most.  Probably because I haven't missed a thing- class parties, ball games, field trips, doctor appointments, sick days, bed time stories, homework, I've been there for it all.  Thank God for that.

Here he is.  Not the best picture, but it was so humid outside today that my lens kept fogging up.

He is SUCH a character, has SUCH a big heart and is SUCH a challenge these days.  He was the biggest surprise of my life- unplanned but oh-so-loved.  Happy Birthday tomorrow, buddy.

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  1. his future wife is soooooo going to love that you live next door! ha, ha...just kidding! i hope jack &/or sam will let me live next door to them too when they grow up!

    i also love thinking that this is what you guys do after Ellie goes to sleep...make funny movies!


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