from the darkroom

I guess it's in my blood...
My earliest memories of my father find him with a camera in one hand and that of one of his children in another.  Chemicals, negatives, photo paper and piles and piles of pictures of national monuments, flowers, vacations and us. I remember the mystique of his closet-turned-darkroom and how I am sure he was never able to give as much time to his passion as he would have wanted to because he was so busy being a husband, a provider and a father.  Because of him, I don't have to rely on my fading memories to recall my childhood.  They are alive, right here in front of me, in black and white. and sepia. and color. 

I've always been drawn to the idea of capturing moments on film; knowing that with the proper storage and care, photographs can tell the story of someone's life and even peer into their soul.  I took one photography course in college...before the digital revolution, as I will call it.  I'll never forget the first time I poured chemicals into a plastic bin and watched in amazement as the image I had captured on film appeared before me on paper in black and white.  If I'd liked photography before, I loved it then.

I'll call my photographic style "expressive".  I am drawn to interesting lines and unexpected perspectives.  I am an absolute amateur who clicks away quite honestly, "straight from the hip".  Experience, self-education and time will surely change that.  Thank you in advance to all of my guinea pig subjects- you help me to help myself develop this hobby of mine.

So, even though my "Darkroom" is now called "Lightroom", here you'll find my expression through photography.  Feedback and creative criticism encouraged.
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