he finally lost it

My firstborn has been positively DYING to lose a tooth for like, three years now.  At the beginning of the summer, he finally found one that he could wiggle so he thought that he would wake up the next day and be able to pull it out.  Four months later, the darn thing finally came out today.  It had been hanging by a thread for two days (I even video taped several attempts at pulling it out) but just wasn't ready to come out until today.  He got my attention, pulled up his helmet and smiled so big, pointing at the gaping hole in his bottom row.  I asked him if he knew where his tooth was and he said no.   "That's OK, mom.  I'm gonna write a note to the tooth fairy and tell her what happened and I'll just ask for three dollars."  Not really sure where he came up with that amount, but for a FIRST lost tooth, he just might get $5 :-).

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